Latest Releases:

Stranger Times [1]

Out on 17th December, 2020

Straight up harmonic Electro and Techno tracks including an uplifting power remix by Dark Vektor!


  • Attention Please
  • No Justice, No Peace
  • Wicked World
  • Wicked World (Dark Vektors Wicked People Remix)
  • Keep Me Up

Nyah feat. Nessbeth - The Signs (Remix Version)

Out on 11th December, 2020

What happens when a Ghettotech/Electro DJ and an alternative/pop musician meet? Berlin-based artists Nessbeth and Nyah present one possibility on their collab remix single. Created in times of a pandemic, when the clubs in the capital have become quiet and the temperatures are falling and keep even the most hard-boiled from every rave in the Berlin forest, Nessbeth and Nyah raise hopes for a better new normality in the new year.


  • The Signs (Remix)
  • Be Relevant (Remix)